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Shelflife12 Months
BrandNative Root Coffee
CompanyNative Root Coffee SAS
Units per mastercase12
Minimum Order (MoQ)2 Pallet
Lead Time (Days)60 Days
Mastercase per Pallet54
Type of FreightDry
Native Root is a specialty coffee-growing and exporting company based in Bogotá, Colombia. The company was founded by Nasa indigenous member and third-generation coffee grower Ervin Liz in the spring of 2017. In 2021 Native Root became a Liz Andela family-owned business composed of four women and three men. We take pride in being a women-majority-owned company.
Our farm and those of the 55 indígenous families we work with are located in the south-west of Colombia. All our coffee is grown, harvested, and processed with much love and dedication in the ancestral lands of Cauca. For three generations we have worked to have high-quality coffees following the tradition inherited by our grandparents. It is a legacy of years of work, wisdom, and pride that we bring to you today and that will finally be a connection with our Native roots.
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Specialty coffee-washed process-indigenous product -craft coffee-whole beans coffee-12 oz 

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/ Unit

$129.55 / Mastercase
( Units : 12 )

Price by unit: $6,995.45
/ Pallet ( Mastercases : 54 )
MoQ : 2 Pallet
Quantity: (Pallet)


More than 55 Nasa indigenous farmers grew this specialty coffee using ancient farming techniques such as multi-crop systems in the south of Colombia. These farming practices honor our indigenous traditions of caring for our earth by eliminating the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. After growing and harvesting the coffee, the farmers bring their cherries to our facility. Once there we carefully process the beans using the semi-washed method to craft a final product that is balanced in sweetness, acidity, and body. This coffee was purchased from our neighbor farmers at a 35% premium compared to market prices. When you drink this specialty coffee you are helping indigenous farmers make a better living. In this delicious coffee, you will taste notes of red fruits, hazelnuts, and caramel. This is a coffee that anyone will like and understand because it is sweet, creamy, medium in acidity, and overall delicious. Our current monthly production capability is 5.000 12-oz bags per month with the ability to increase production to 12.000 12-oz bags per month within a two-month period.

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