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Shelflife7 Months
CompanyServicios Integrales MYC
Units per mastercase12
Minimum Order (MoQ)1 Pallet
Lead Time (Days)15 Days
Mastercase per Pallet75
Type of FreightDry

Salsangrita originated in 1975 as the signature 'sangrita' at La Cabaña restaurant in Aguascalientes. As its popularity grew, the decision was made to give it the commercial name Salsangrita, akin to the household staple salt, representing a versatile sauce that pairs perfectly with beers, spirits, snacks, and meals. The company is currently experiencing significant growth, focusing on quality. Presently, we operate in a 500 m2 facility with the capacity to produce 150,000 liters monthly. Our product is available throughout Mexico and expanding to Texas, California, and Florida in the United States, as well as soon reaching Europe in Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

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Sangrita / Organic / 100% Natural / Craft Beverage / 16.91 fl oz

SKU: 1001771
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$83.29 / Mastercase
( Units : 12 )

Price by unit: $6,246.71
/ Pallet ( Mastercases : 75 )
MoQ : 1 Pallet
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Every bottle of Salsangrita is meticulously handcrafted, blending 100% natural ingredients such as fresh oranges, juicy lemons, ripe tomatoes, chilies, and a careful selection of spices. This artisanal elixir is more than a simple mixer; it's the perfect companion to enhance the flavor of your favorite beverages like beers and spirits, highlight the enjoyment of snacks, and elevate the taste of dishes such as seafood and meats. Discover in every sip the perfect balance between citrus freshness and a spicy touch, taking your culinary experiences to another level.

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