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Shelflife6 Months
BrandSan Antonio
CompanyCremeria Americana
Units per mastercase10
Minimum Order (MoQ)102 Mastercases
Lead Time (Days)30 Days


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San Antonio Bakery Margarine - 22 lb

SKU: 1001700
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$2.13 / Unit
Price by unit: $21.25
102 Mastercases
Quantity: (Mastercase)


If your business bakes or supplies bakery ingredients, we can help by providing an extensive range of high-quality margarine. We produce leading bakery brands in Mexico. Our ranges include margarines for bread, sweet dough, puff pastry, shortbread.
Manufactured by Cremeria Americana. Cremeria Americana is the leading company in the butter and margarine sector with 118 years of expierence in Mexico.           

San Antonio Bakery Margarine (2.2 lb). This margarine is a leading product in the USA, it adapts to any bread application where yeast is used. It is also ideal for making poundcakes, croissants, cookies, and donut dough. Ideal for some cooking applications, sauté vegetables, or with mashed potatoes.  Due to its mild buttery flavor, it is popular in both Latin and local business. 

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