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Shelflife12 Months at -1F
CompanyFruttec SAS BIC
Units per mastercase72
Minimum Order (MoQ)126 Mastercases
Lead Time (Days)30 Days

Engage and build trust with North American buyers (Product specifications, production capacity, company information, quality and safety assurance)": Experience the authentic taste of tropical refreshment with our 100% natural Mango Pulp, crafted without chemicals, preservatives, added sugar, or water. Indulge in its pure, delicious flavor as a delightful smoothies, ice cream or refreshing milkshake. Fruttec S.A.S. is dedicated to the industrial processing of Colombian tropical fruits, producing fruit pulps, healthy blends, lemonades, and chopped fruits. By adhering to best practices in production processes and utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee 100% natural and superior quality products. We collaborate directly with local producers, fostering fair trade in the Colombian countryside, and ensuring only the finest fruits are used in our production. Certifications: INVIMA and FDA sanitary registration. Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality control of raw materials, in-process and finished products. Traceability: Guaranteed product traceability and appropriate transportation conditions.

72 pulps of 4.4 Oz

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Mango Pulp / 100% Natural / Chemical-free & Additive-free / Effortless Preparation / 4.4 Oz Unit

SKU: 1001451
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$0.36 / Unit
Price by unit: $26.18
126 Mastercases


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