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Shelflife6 Months
CompanyCremeria Americana
Units per mastercase6
Minimum Order (MoQ)1 Pallet
Lead Time (Days)30 Days
Mastercase per Pallet144
Type of FreightDry

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Lechef Vanilla Filling Pudding for Pastry - 13.2 lb

SKU: 1001702
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/ Unit

$8.33 / Mastercase
( Units : 6 )

Price by unit: $1,199.44
/ Pallet ( Mastercases : 144 )
MoQ : 1 Pallet
Quantity: (Pallet)


Lechef Vanilla Filling Pudding for pastry (2.2 lb) is a pastry pudding filling. The original recipe is traditionally made with milk, egg, vanilla and starch, among other ingredients. This recipe has a short shelf life and requires refrigerated storage to preserve its properties. Lechef Vanilla Pudding is manufactured with high quality ingredients, its yellow color and soft consistency has conquered many tasters' demanding palates. It
does not need refrigeration and its presentation in a sleeve, avoids processing losses. This product is used as a direct filling in bread, cakes and pastries. It is also used to fill the bread and pastry products before baking

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