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Instan Cocoa Hazelnut. Cubes -.easy preparation Ref 12 UND 3.39 oz

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Instant cocoa cubes, Our cocoa is brought directly from the Pacific region of Colombia where the best varietals in the world are grown, internationally recognized for their high quality and balanced flavor. Our cocoa is sustainably and ethically sourced, conserving natural resources and working alongside local farmers and their families. The proportion of the base (coffee, cocoa, tea, extracts) can vary between 1.5 g and 2.5 g depending on the preferences of the client, understanding that in the sense that the proportion of the base varies, the proportion of brown sugar will vary, all of the above without the net weight of the cube being greater or less than 8 g. Mixing: Each raw material is weighed, panela, soluble coffee or tea or cocoa (depending on the case) and flavoring are mixed (according to the case). Compaction: Once the raw material is mixed, the mixture is introduced into the compactor, which transforms the powder into cubes of 8 gr each approximately. Primary packaging: The cubes are taken to the packaging machine (where they are packed one by one) by means of a band conveyor. Secondary packaging: The cubes are manually packed in their respective presentation. the plant has a production capacity of thirteen thousand cubes per day
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