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Shelflife12 Months
BrandTubito Condelac
Units per mastercase12
Minimum Order (MoQ)1 Pallet
Lead Time (Days)08 Days
Mastercase per Pallet90
  • We exist for children and for those who have never stopped being children, for all who want to activate joy at any time and in any place, for those who believe that sweetness is enjoyed, for families who recognize that energy and sweetness are necessary for physical and mental development and for those who want to add a sweet and magical touch to their preparations. The brand is constantly growing through innovation, we periodically launch limited editions inspired by relevant dates and new flavors such as: Chocolate, Bubble Gum and Blackberry, offering new experiences to consumers. Since 2013 we export to Ecuador and in 2021 we began exporting to the US, coding the brand in convenience stores and independent supermarkets with very good turnover at the point of sale. We also serve distributors and wholesalers in Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, and Texas. For three consecutive years we manufacturated the private brand “Dlish” to Jeronimo Martins through its hard discount stores in Colombia. About Procoval Procoval is a company established since 1997 in Yumbo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Since then we have dedicated ourselves to creating magical moments and bringing joy, while complementing the nutrition of the family. Our mission is "To contribute to the well-being and nutrition of consumers through the innovation, pleasure and convenience of our products". Our working group is made up of committed and responsible people who contribute to sustainable development, satisfying the needs of our customers and consumers. We are part of Grupo Carval, which has 10 production plants in Colombia and Venezuela, manufacturing quality products for different sectors: Veterinary Pharmaceutical (2), Veterinary Nutritional Additives (1), Specialized Nutrition for Pets (1), Human Pharmaceutical (5) and Condensed Milk Plant (1). With more than 2,100 employees, Grupo Carval is present in 15 countries and operates through six business units: Human and Animal Pharma, Animal and Agro Nutrition-Biosecurity, Orthopedic Medical Devices, Pork Agribusiness, Poultry Incubator and Investment Portfolio.
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Chocolate Flavored Sweetened Condensed Milk/easy to open and carry/laminated tube/1.59oz

SKU: 1001686
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$71.48 / Mastercase
( Units : 12 )

Price by unit: $6,432.90
/ Pallet ( Mastercases : 90 )
MoQ : 1 Pallet
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