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Shelflife6 Months
CompanyDulce Gracia
Units per mastercase6
Minimum Order (MoQ)1 Pallet
Lead Time (Days)30 Days
Mastercase per Pallet210
Type of FreightFrozen
Temperature (°F)5 to -0.4
Humidity65% - 75%

Dulce Gracia is established since 2019 in Cali - Colombia, it specializes in the manufacture of pastries, especially healthy desserts, all our products are without added sugar and gluten-free. "Health first" is always our principle for dessert manufacturing. Our factory covers an area of 540 square meters, the annual installed output is 31.7 tons. We have exacting quality control on our raw materials to provide first-class products to customers. We have excellent quality material, and our responsibility is to the environment, which is why all our packaging is made of recyclable material, ecological or natural, and BPA-free. For DULCE GRACIA, social responsibility is very important, part of our profits are donated to the SOÑAR DESPIERTO foundation: @sdespiertocali.

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Bites Choco-vanilla Cake with almond and pistachios covered in chocolate/SugarFree/GlutenFree/5.8Oz

SKU: 1001813
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/ Unit

$49.20 / Mastercase
( Units : 6 )

Price by unit: $10,332.00
/ Pallet ( Mastercases : 210 )
MoQ : 1 Pallet
Quantity: (Pallet)


The BITES are small balls of vanilla and chocolate cake mix with caramel spread, almonds and pistachios, coated with chocolate, in each container are packed 15 BITES, the container in a cup of recyclable bamboo material suitable for food packaging, its lid is also made of recyclable material suitable for food packaging our products are without added sugar, Gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, preservative-free and low carb. Our products have a natural flavor, you will not believe that you are eating a healthy and delicious cake without sugar and gluten free, for DULCE GRACIA the most important thing is to take care of your health. INGREDIENTS: - - Almond Flavor - Ghee butter - Sugar-free Caramel spread - Stevia Extract - Dextrose - Maltodextrin - Cocoa powder - Sugar-Free Chocolate Bar - Low-fat heavy cream - Eggs - Chopped almonds - Chopped pistachios - Baking powder MAIN INGREDIENTS AND THEIR BENEFITS Almond Flavor 1. Healthy Fats 2. Prevents aging (antioxidants) 3. Contains a lot of Fiber 4. Provides vegetable protein 5. Helps control blood pressure 6. Gluten Free Ghee Butter 1. Lactose and casein free 2. Prevents aging (antioxidants) 3. Contains healthy fats, mainly omega 3 4. Helps control blood pressure Stevia Extract 1. Beneficial in weith loss 2. Aids in managing diabetes 3. Alleviates blood pressure 4. Helps to prevent cavities & gingivitis

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